Eveli Kuuse

Senior consultant

Eveli Kuuse works at Invent Baltics Ltd. since October 2006. During this time she has acquired very good orientation skills and practical experience in counselling, assisting in and managing (including reporting for) international research and development projects.

Eveli’s main competence lies in Horizon 2020 research and development projects (e.g. Research & Innovation Actions / Innovation Actions; Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions; SME Instrument) and other European innovation support programmes (e.g. EUREKA Eurostars).

With her substantial field specific expertise, Eveli helps in idea formulation, consortium building (including partner search where necessary), coordination of consortium communication and proposal writing, drawing the work plan, budgeting and preparing as well as submitting the proposal. Besides, Eveli is involved in the everyday management of several collaboration projects (SARM, HELTSTACK, E-SIGNAGE-D) as an external expert, guaranteeing smooth and efficient project execution and reporting – according to the needs of a specific project, its coordinator and partners. In parallel, Eveli has helped to prepare and organise different project related events.

Eveli holds a MA degree in International Relations from Tartu University (2010). She has studied at Institut d’Études Politiques de Bordeaux (2005-2006) and worked in a Japanese SME AQUASYSTEM  Co.,Ltd. (Hikone, Japan, 2009) in the field of international and customer relations.

Phone:  +37255651579
Skype: evvu-ewuli