Silver Toomla

Managing partner

Silver Toomla is the founder and a managing partner of Invent Baltics. He has extensive experience in launching and managing international R&D cooperation projects and product development projects (SME Instrument) Silver Toomla is the leader of Invent Baltics team providing Horizon 2020 project writing services to SMEs and research centers. Silver Toomla has supervised the preparation of more than 100 international R&D projects, advising on the research focus selection, consortium set-up, work plan, business planning and intellectual property agreements.

His main consultation areas include: 

·         Launching and preparing international research and development projects to European Innovation Funds (Horizon 2020, EUREKA EUROSTARS)

·         Business planning for technology projects

·         Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

·         Project management and administrative coordination of international R&D projects (Horizon 2020, EUREKA EUROSTARS)

·         IPR consulting and consortium agreement preparation for international R&D projects


Silver Toomla is the coordinator of Horizon 2020 related services within the Enterprise Europe technology transfer network in Estonia.

Phone: +3725171781


Skype: silvertoomla