Invent Baltics assisted Synoste Oy from Finland and Heliox BV from the Netherlands to launch a new development project.

The focus of the project is to develop a next-generation of patient friendly implants for the correction of skeletal deformations. Synoste’s first product will be fully implantable device for lengthening the femur and tibia. Heliox will assist Synoste in developing the necessary power train components to actuate the fully implantable device.

EUROSTARS programme provided added value for both companies – Synoste can implement a state-of-the art wireless activation technology in their implant, whereas Heliox gained access to a new market by developing unique technology for wireless power transfer into human body. Thus, both Synoste and Heliox gained a major advantage over their competitors. The EUROSTARS programme enables the two companies to work together on the solution, making sure the research results meet the requirements of Synoste’s technology. The successful project also enabled Synoste to leverage private investments and helped to close the A-round financing of €1.2 M

EUROSTARS programme supports close market research and development ideas. Therefore the project gave the companies a chance to solve an actual technological problem for market entry. Thanks to the bottom-up approach of the programme, the companies were able to select the exact topic of interest to them.

Invent Baltics coordinated the whole proposal preparation process. In addition, consultants of Invent Baltics were responsible for market surveys, competitor analysis, revenue calculations, as well as commercialization strategy.