Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property (IP) strategy should be among the cornerstones of a contemporary enterprise and its overall business strategy. Intelligent and grounded decisions in the field of patenting are related to a thorough understanding of the logic of a company’s target markets and successful business models in those markets. Still, first and foremost, those decisions should coincide with the company’s long-term business goals.

The consultants of Invent Baltics Ltd have repeatedly seen how insufficient or wrong decisions and steps in protecting a company’s IP lead to economically unwanted results (not getting the IP patented on target markets, making the company’s know-how available to the public, inefficient spending on IP protection etc.). During consulting our clients we have been witness to many licensing negotiations between Estonian and foreign corporations. Our unique competence in consulting quickly developing high technology start-ups enables us to assess:

  • Whether it is economically efficient to protect your outcomes as industrial property and in which markets to protect the industrial property?
  • Which are the optimal means to protect your IP and the costs related thereof?
  • Which technologies should rather be outsourced or licenced out and on which conditions?

 We offer Intellectual Property related services in collaboration with Sarap and Putk Patent Agency. Our partner provides professional assistance in putting together patent applications, utility model, trademark and industrial property registration applications; they help in the whole submission process, being focused specifically on patent applications by Estonian enterprises. Additionally, Patent Agency Sarap & Partners carries out background / desk research in the fields of science, technology and industrial property.

One part of an IP strategy is managing technology transfer in the company. Enterprise Europe Network offers a great way to find the best suiting and unique technologies for our clients, which cannot usually be found at various equipment/product and technology fairs. At the same time the network can help find ways to develop, improve, licence and commercialise a novel product or innovative process.

Over the time Invent Baltics has negotiated about 20 licence agreements between Estonian and foreign companies and R&D organisations.

For more information about patenting and technology transfer please contact:

Senior Consultant Tõnis Eerme
+372 5340 7861