Involving Finances (Estonia)

Invent Baltics Ltd is the only Estonian consulting company focusing specifically on research and development project consulting. Among other things we help to put together product development and applied research proposals submitted for financing from different Estonian support measures:

Our consultants have hands-on experience in the field since 2002. We can claim to have the best practical knowledge in Estonia – we have counselled 45 successful product development and applied research projects, which include projects for industrial enterprises and complex international applied research projects in high technology sectors. Over 90% of our clients have received financial support for their development projects. In addition to ambitious and wide-scale product development and applied research, we have helped to prepare circa 100 successful feasibility studies.

Between 2011-2012 Invent Baltics Ltd has assisted its clients in the preparation of 22 successful development projects, supported by 7.4 million euros from Enterprise Estonia’s R&D support programme and an additional 3.7 million euros from Archimedes Foundation’s thematic R&D support measures (reaching a total of 11.1 million support euros).

In addition, we have helped our clients in preparing tens of successful proposals into Enterprise Estonia’s export support; start-up and development grant programmes, and other support measures. The prepared export plans have promoted sales development both in adjacent/neighbouring (the Baltic Sea region) and more distant markets (China, India, USA).

For more information please contact:

Senior Consultant Tõnis Eerme
Mobile: +372 5340 7861