Invent Baltics Ltd has been actively involved in the research & development & innovation (R&D,I) activities in Estonia in many ways, thus building an extensive knowledge base and experience in the field. Georgia was going through its innovation support structures’ development shortly after Estonia and in a similar way. Therefore it was natural that we, together with several Georgian and Estonian partners, developed an extensive training programme “Estonian experience in establishing innovation support structures and making the technology transfer function to Georgian civil servants, representatives of research and development institutions and private enterprises” (INNOTRANS) and applied for Development Cooperation support from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Together with Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Archimedes Foundation from the Estonian side and Tbilisi State University, Georgian National Science Foundation from the Georgian side, we put together a training programme and implemented it in four sessions (3 in Georgia and 1 in Estonia), targeting the organisations and individuals involved in Georgian R&D,I system build-up and development. The three sessions in Georgia introduced how and what we did in Estonia to establish our R&D,I support structures as they are now. The session in Estonia enabled Georgian stakeholders meet up with actual people from over 15 organisations in Estonia and establish direct individual contacts. The goal was to give an insight into what we did in Estonia and thus offer another option to our Georgian colleagues to choose from while developing their structures.

The role of Invent Baltics in this project, in addition to contributing our specific private sector consulting experience and bringing together a comprehensive cooperative partnership from both sides, was to compose the whole project consortium from both countries, build the training programme, prepare a project proposal to Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinate the whole implementation and reporting afterwards. 

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Senior Consultant Tõnis Eerme