Space Studies

Since 2008 Invent Baltics Ltd has carried out several studies in the field of space and aerospace development, ordered by Estonian and Latvian governments.

In the end of 2012 the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science commissioned Invent Baltics Ltd to conduct a background analysis of the availability of space downstream applications/services and characteristics of this market segment in Latvia.

The Latvian ministry is currently updating Latvian Space Technology Development Strategy 2013-2018 (Space Strategy) that is aimed at identifying the main guidelines for the space sector development in Latvia by setting objectives and planning steps to achieve them. The Space Strategy determines parties involved in the implementation of the Space Strategy and defines their respective responsibilities for rapidly catching up with established space countries.

In order to address the most acute shortcomings in the space downstream segment and to make best use of existing and emerging opportunities related to two European flagship programmes – Copernicus (formerly GMES) and Galileo – the analysis had the objectives to:

  • Map the space downstream services currently used/provided by the public sector in Latvia
  • Assess the potential future usage of space downstream services in the public sector in Latvia
  • Identify potential benefits from Copernicus and Galileo to Latvia
  • Identify factors hindering/fostering the take-up of space-related services (including Earth observation) in the Latvian public sector


In the second half of 2009 Invent Baltics conducted the first large scale background analysis of the status quo of space downstream services’ market segments and their future potential in Estonia. The analysis had three main sub-goals:

  • Map the developers and providers of space downstream services in Estonia
  • Map the users of satellite navigation data in the public and private sectors in Estonia
  • Perform a comparative analysis of the potential of Estonian enterprises and organisations

The final report “Usage, development and future perspectives of space downstream activities in Estonia” is available in Estonian here.

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Senior Consultant Tõnis Eerme