Study for ESA

The main objective of the study commissioned by the European Space Agency (ESA) was to estimate the quantified (monetary) value of the indirect industrial effects derived from ESA contracts in the Czech Republic and Estonia. Indirect industrial effects stem from the contractual relationships between the space agencies and the contracting bodies (companies and academia) that carry out a project. Indirect industrial effects include all the benefits in terms of technology, know-how, corporate image or business contracts, which the firms derive from their participation in ESA programmes and are able to use elsewhere, resulting in increased (additional) sales and value added. The final report summarised input from interviews carried out with 15 ESA contractors from the Czech Republic, and 15 ESA contractors and would-be ESA contractors in Estonia between February and March 2015. The study demonstrated that the indirect industrial effects, incl. in non-space domains, are accumulating fast in the Czech Republic and Estonia. The study methodology was designed to be similar to the current stream of country-wide analyses on the indirect industrial effects performed in Norway, Denmark, Portugal, and Ireland. Therefore, an in-depth comparative analysis of the existing ex post analyses of multiplier effects induced by space investments was performed. 

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Senior Consultant Tõnis Eerme