Tallinn University of Technology

Horizon 2020 ICT (ICT-01-2014 - Smart Cyber-Physical Systems) proposal – Tallinn University of Technology

A consortium led by Tallinn University of Technology received funding of € 3.9 million from the Horizon 2020 ICT programme under Research and Innovation Actions for developing an integrated, cross-layer modelling based tool framework for fault management, verification and reliable design of dependable Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). In addition, a holistic fault model for fundamentally different error sources in CPSs (design bugs, wear-out and environmental effects) in a uniform manner will be proposed. Moreover, IMMORTAL plans to develop fault management infrastructure on top of the reliable design framework that would allow ultra-fast fault detection, isolation and recovery in the emerging many-core based CPS networked architectures that are expected to be increasingly adopted in the coming years. As a result, the project will enable development of dependable CPSs with improved reliability and extended effective life-time, ageing and process variations.

Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) are primarily consisting of activities aiming to establish new knowledge and/or to explore the feasibility of a new or improved technology, product, process, service or solution. For this purpose they may include basic and applied research, technology development and integration, testing and validation on a small-scale prototype in a laboratory or simulated environment. Projects may contain closely connected but limited demonstration or pilot activities aiming to show technical feasibility in a near to operational environment.

Invent Baltics coordinated the whole proposal preparation process assisting Tallinn University of Technology in defining the research and development framework, outline the main impacts and formulated a winning project proposal.